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Sports Life Coaching

To consistently play at the highest level in athletics requires a game plan for success; the same is true for lifelong success. Sports life coaching does both; it links optimal athletic strategies that blend fundamental skills and techniques to harness the power of teamwork and provides a foundation for applying them to all aspects of life.

As a certified sports life coach, Jackie teaches athletes of all ages how to align every practice, game and life experience with their vision and core values. Athletes discover how to balance their desire to stand out with an unwavering dedication to the team. They learn how to mobilize all energy sources to develop winning results individually and collaboratively. In short, Jackie teaches them how to be real playmakers—managing time, energy and emotion for optimal performance.

Find out how Jackie can help you create a lifetime game plan.


“Jackie Hutt is a consummate speaker, clearly knowledgeable about her topic, and able to make new information instantly useful. Her sports life coaching presentation to my student athletes in my “Leadership & Ethics’ class was so well-received by my students, that many identified her advice as one of the top five highlights of the semester on their end-of-class evaluation. (December 2014)” – Sandra Price, JD, Ph.D, Faculty Associate, ASU



“You have taught me how to “go to the balcony” in tough situations and think about how what I am saying or doing is affecting the people around me. You also worked really hard to bring our team closer and it sure has worked” – Abbey

“I understand now that the tools you taught us were not just about what happened on the soccer field but most important they were tools we need to use in life. You are such a blessing and you have taught me so many things that will help me be a better person. You are bright and loving and always there for us on and off the field” – Olivia