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Sports Philanthropy

One of the defining characteristics of a playmaker is a sense of personal dedication to helping others succeed. There is a lot of individual emphasis in sports; linking athletes to the people and causes that resonate with them builds true connectedness.

Jackie believes in the power of sports philanthropy and is so committed she just completed her certification in the George Washington University Philanthropy Executive Certification program. The first and only of its kind, the program emphasizes athletic social responsibility and how to successfully connect athletes and teams with non-profit organizations.

Jackie helps create the right sport philanthropy partnerships between schools, club teams and individual athletes. Her tremendous resources and knowledge of local non-profits assists in determining the right fit for a lasting relationship.

And sports philanthropy can’t begin too early: Jackie recently helped connect Phoenix Rush Soccer Club and Phoenix Children’s Hospital to create a sports philanthropy partnership. It’s an opportunity to model philanthropy to very young athletes, imparting values for life.

Today, the entire club participates—creating a whole new generation of playmakers to make a powerful difference.



Phoenix Rush 00 Nero Girls team modeling Comfy Cozy’s for Chemo shirts with Phx Suns Gorilla at the First Annual Comfy Cozy Gala September/2013

Phoenix Rush 00 Nero Girls team visiting Comfy Cozy kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital, May/2103

Phoenix Rush 00 Nero Girls team visiting Comfy Cozy kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital May/2103