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Athletic Recruiting

Collegiate recruiting can be complex; to ensure you play to your strengths, Jackie’s expertise, insight and collegiate contacts provide you with a set of winning strategies.

Jackie helps you achieve your collegiate sports goals with an excellent understanding of the process. As a former college athlete herself, she has a real-world understanding of what it takes.

Her approach is comprehensive; Jackie will develop an overall strategy with you, including planning for critical dates and deadlines, developing player profiles, building target school lists, scheduling official/unofficial visits, and introducing you to collegiate coaches, sports agents and athletic directors, many of whom she knows.

Jackie also knows how important this decision is for you and your family; she is dedicated to helping you find the best fit possible where you can continue to grow as an athlete, student and person.

But don’t take our word for it; here’s what student-athletes and their parents have to say:

Montana Oltrogge

“Jackie Hutt really helped me throughout my entire recruiting process. She was there for me when I had questions and gave me really helpful tips on how to communicate with coaches. Whenever I would email a coach, I would send her the email first and she would check over it and give me feedback. She helped me narrow down my list and helped me to understand that this is really about what I want and in the end I am going to make the best decision. It really helped me knowing that I had someone in my corner to help me through this amazing time in my life. Now I’m going to play D1 college basketball and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her help and support!” – Montana


Montana Oltrogge

Sport: Basketball

Xavier College Preparatory, Class of 2018

Idaho State University


Jordan Craft

“As I’m now a graduate preparing for college, I look back at this past senior year and think to myself how did it all work out. It worked out because of Jackie. A lot of kids going through the college recruiting process can get very frustrated at times and I even came very close to giving up, but with the continued guidance and support that Jackie provided from start to finish I am beyond excited for next year and could not be happier. It was so crazy how everything just seemed to all fit into place and I couldn’t have done it without her. Jackie, YOU’RE the rock star!”

“We cannot thank Jackie Hutt enough regarding the effort she put towards Jordan’s college tennis recruiting process. The college time can be a very stressful one and I wouldn’t have wanted it to go any other way. Of course it had its ups and downs but having Jackie’s advice and insight was invaluable. I will never forget the first meeting we had with her. She was on time and had a specific agenda which kept us on track. There are two words that I would use to describe her; they are goal-oriented and passionate. After we met, Jackie gave Jordan specific tasks to complete regarding emailing college coaches, creating a strong tennis resume, and playing USTA tournaments. Jackie was very positive and helpful when Jordan had questions and was always checking, in which helped Jordan stay resilient. The final push was Jordan’s acceptance to Chapman University. This is where I saw the passion Jackie had for finding the right fit for her. She knew Jordan would be successful at Chapman and dug in her heals regarding the application and acceptance process. Lastly, from start to finish it meant the world to Jordan that Jackie was able to come to her tennis matches as well as the actual letter of intent signing. We are all excited for Jordan’s next chapter and cannot thank Jackie enough!” – Stan and Leah Craft


Jordan Craft

Sport: Tennis

Xavier College Preparatory, Class of 2017

Chapman University

Bret Schumacher

“Jackie Hutt was invaluable with Bret’s soccer recruiting process. She constantly communicated with him on where he was with certain coaches and what the best next step should be. She kept his confidence up when he was talking to coaches and Bret always felt prepared when responding to coaches over the phone, in writing or face-to-face. With her guidance, support and knowledge, Bret realized one of his goals of playing soccer at a collegiate level at New York University. The recruiting process is overwhelming and stressful and we are so grateful we had Jackie to guide us through it! Go Violets!” – Teri and Jim Schumacher

Bret Schumacher

Sport: Soccer

Brophy College Prep, Class of 2015

New York University

Zach Cihlar

“Jackie helped Zach focus his time and energy on tennis teams where he could compete at the highest level and continue to thrive academically in school. In addition, Jackie gave Zach the tools to help with his mental toughness and confidence on the tennis court. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance with the complex college recruiting process. Jackie is a true leader and problem-solver.” – Leigh and Mike Cihlar

Zach Cihlar

Sport: Tennis

Brophy College Prep, Class of 2015

Brandeis University


“Jackie added tremendous value to the college process, given that we had not been down this road before. She helped Madison chart a plan of action to get in front of coaches. She even came out to watch Madison play, getting to know her as a player. Jackie was always available with very quick response, helping to narrow down choices with her great stats system. I highly recommend Jackie, who got us the visibility we wouldn’t have otherwise received.” – Lori Clarke

Madison Clarke

Sport: Tennis

Xavier College Prep, Class of 2015

Santa Clara University


“As a former college athlete, I knew how intimidating college recruiting can be. But Jackie brought something we had been missing: an insider’s knowledge of the recruiting process. She steered us in the right direction by using multiple technology platforms without wasting time and resources. Then a season-ending injury nearly sidelined Caden’s dream. Jackie was instrumental in encouraging him to use what should have been a setback as another tool for landing a football scholarship.” – Rick Bush

Caden Williams

Sport: Football

Arcadia High School, Class of 2014

Colorado Mesa University


“I will forever be grateful to Jackie for everything she did to help me become a Mustang! She is the best sports life coach out there and helped make the recruiting process a lot simpler and less stressful. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help standing out to coaches. YOU ROCK, Mrs. Hutt. :)”

Margaret Brennan

Sport: Track

Xavier College Prep, Class of 2013

Southern Methodist University


“Thank you for being on my recruiting team and helping me find a college that is a great fit for me on the golf course and in the classroom.”

Daniel Bonnell

Sport: Golf

Shadow Mountain High School, Class of 2013

University of Nebraska-Kearney


“Jackie Hutt is a true leader! We hired Jackie to help guide us through the process of positioning our son, a high school athlete, as a college athlete. Jackie came up with a game plan; she knew the system, how things worked and how to get the attention of coaches. With her knowledge and expertise she helped guide Hudson to his dream!” – Barb and Bill Blake

Hudson Blake

Sport: Tennis

Brophy College Prep, Class of 2013

Texas Christian University

Choose Jackie to help you become a playmaker in college athletics.