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Meet Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder

Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder and Certified Sports Life Coach

Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder

Jackie Ranger Hutt is a playmaker. A two-time tennis champion at Xavier College Preparatory, Jackie also played for the University of Arizona on a full athletic scholarship. But she learned early on that being a playmaker extends far beyond the court.

For Jackie, the sports experience is a model for life, from the challenge of healthy competition and the power of team work to losing with grace and harnessing the will to try again—these are life lessons without equal. After a successful marketing career, she founded The Playmakers to help young athletes apply these life-changing skills for lasting success.

Jackie is passionate about supporting student athlete success in three key areas: collegiate recruiting, sports life coaching and sports philanthropy. With a Sports Philanthropy Executive Certificate from George Washington University, she is especially well versed in the power of connecting athletes with philanthropic causes they can support.

The mother of Jack, a college senior and Julia, a high school senior, Jackie has always encouraged a love of sports. In fact, the entire family—including husband Bob and dogs Henry and Chester—enjoys hiking, beach time and skiing, although Henry and Chester usually sit that one out!

Get to know Jackie and get to know how a love of sports can become a life of purpose.