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Meet Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder and Certified Sports Life Coach

Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder and Certified Sports Life Coach

Jackie Ranger Hutt, Founder and Certified Sports Life Coach

Jackie knows what it takes to be a playmaker. After first picking up a tennis racquet at eight years old, she never looked back! A two-time state tennis champion at Xavier College Preparatory, Jackie went on to play at the University of Arizona on a full scholarship. But she will be the first to tell you that being a playmaker isn’t only about life on the court—it’s also what you do off the court as well!

Jackie recognizes sports as teaching essential life lessons. These include understanding the power of healthy competition, the importance of teamwork, the ability to win and lose with grace, and the determination to never give up. Jackie applies these lessons to every aspect of her life; after a successful 20+ year career in sales and marketing, she felt drawn to return to her sports roots and pay it forward helping young athletes learn how to realize their dreams of playing at the next level as well as coaching athletes of all ages on how to live a life on purpose.

She is passionate about supporting athlete success in three key areas: navigating the collegiate recruiting process for high school student athletes, sports life coaching and sports philanthropy. It is integral to Jackie’s philosophy that young athletes embrace the many facets that sports offer, which deliver lifelong value.

The mother of Jack, a college sophmore, and Julia, a sophmore in high school, Jackie actively encourages her children’s love of sports. In fact, the entire Hutt family—including husband Bob and dogs Henry and Chester—is committed to a sports-oriented life that includes hiking, beach time and skiing, although Henry and Chester usually sit that one out!

Get to know Jackie and get to know how a love of sports can become a life of purpose.